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Stereogrammer  v.

Stereogrammer is a Windows .NET application that facilitates the creation of Autostereograms, also known as Single Image Stereograms (SIS) or, under certain conditions, Single Image Random Dot Stereograms (SIRDS). At its heart, Stereogrammer takes 2

ASPForums  v.1.0

ASPForums is an ASP.Net application that runs on an IIS web server allowing users to post newsgroup-like messages via a web page. Posts are saved to an XML

Bojangles  v.0.0.1

bojangles is a GUI form designer and structure file generator for the Centrallix ( application server. By using bojangles, a user can quickly create a page, add widgets, connectors, object sources, and form objects to create

DarkStorm's batch print handler  v.

DarkStorm's batch print handler is a .Net application that will batch print documents. DarkStorm's batch print handler automates Word/Excel and Adobe Reader to help the batch printing process, also provides support for some popular image

C# PhotoKeeper  v.32

C#/.Net application for managing digital photos. Creates HTML based photo album pages with titles, descriptions, dates, people, colors, etc. Features index creation, thumbnails, image rotation and

CbIM  v.0.01

Clipboard Image Manager (CbIM) is a .net application which collects images from Windows' system clipboard. CbIM make it possible to apply some (little) editing effects to images, to paste two or more images together, and to save

Echoshare  v.2003

Echoshare is a .NET application that grabs images and video from Ultrasound Systems and sends MMS to the patient with the grabbed ecography images. The technologies involved are: .NET, C#, Direct X, UMTS, MMS, Microsoft Speech, Web Services,

E-Procure  v.0.1

The project aims at building an ASP.NET application that offers support in the procurement process of small and medium enterprises. The solution is build in C# with ASP AJAX

LogViewer  v.1.0

LogViewer is a MS Windows .NET application that display logging datas. It's like the unix 'tail'. It can read a file or listenning over a TCP socket. Use regulars expressions to Hide, Rewrite, Colorize lines of log. Have a look at Screenshots

MaxVirtual : Universal Query Analyzer.  v.0.2

MaxVirtual Universal Query Analyzer : Is a WinForm application to Query / Transact with any database using native .Net/OleDb or ODBC drivers. Supports DataSet updates and transactions. Based on MaxVirtual.Data - Generic access

NExcel  v.0.5.0.alpha

The NExcel library allows a .NET application to read Ms Excel files, compatible with Excel 97 and upper. No need to install Ms Office Excel or any third-party libraries. Based on JExcelAPI by Andrew

Sharp AutoUpdater  v.10

Sharp AutoUpdater is a C# component that will automatically update your .NET application. Using XML configuration files, the AutoUpdater component detects if there is a new version of the software, downloads, unzips, and installs the new

Student E-Recordbook (aka LogYanker)  v.

ASP.NET application for retrieving student's progress from DB (Firebird) and sending it back to client

Nwiki  v.1.0

A Wiki engine based on SOA paradigm. A set of components and services to embed Wiki capabilities in any .NET application.

WordDoc to CHM Convertor  v.1.0

MSWord2CHM is a VB.NET application for converting MS Office Word documents (doc) into the compiled help (chm) document format, using the Primary Interop Assemblies (PIA) and the 'HTML Tidy' and 'TidyForNet' libraries

Personal Client  v.1.0

Application working for any personal issues - easy financing, personal web page creating and handlig, photos archiver and viewer, bookmarking... Everything at one place as .NET application (+ web interface)

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